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Musical Director


Faustino Solis is the Musical Director of ComedySportz Las Vegas and local Las Vegas troupes Bleach and One Take.

Faustino was introduced to improv in 2014 through the Improv Kingdom in Las Vegas. In the summer of 2016, Faustino later took his first drop-in workshops with Brent Mukai and Kopy Kopatich, then later with Darren Pitura and Derek Shipman of Vegas Theatre Hub. Faustino began attending jams and shows at Vegas Theatre Hub and The Spot.

In February 2017, Faustino attended a performance of Musical Megawatt of the Magnet Theater, his first exposure to musical improv at UCB Sunset. Having met musical directors Sam Johnidas and Tony Gonzalez of the Sam and Tony Show after the performance, Faustino decided that he wanted to play piano for musical improv in Las Vegas. Upon his return, Faustino bought his first electric keyboard and was named Vegas Theatre Hub's first Musical Director, assigned to accompany for the newly formed house team We Hot Bingo. In exchange for accompanying services, Faustino took his first improv level courses through the Hub.

Realizing the possibility of expanding the presence of musical improv in Las Vegas (there had been other groups performing musical improv prior), Faustino reached out to the Second City Training Centers for guidance. In a turn of events, Faustino visited all three Second City theaters by Amtrak train, training with Hughie Stone Fish in Los Angeles, Amanda Murphy in Chicago, and Ayaka Kinegawa in Toronto.

Since that summer, Faustino frequently teaches and performs in theaters and festivals around the country. Training programs include Vegas Theatre Hub, The Groundlings, ImprovBoston, and Second City Chicago. Notable teachers are Stephanie McCullough, Scott Passarella, Dave Asher, and Laura Hall.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting quarantine, Faustino founded the InterCity Long Form Improv Jam, an online improv jam aimed to support improvisers who are unable to improvise with a theater or troupe, connecting improvisers together from across North America and the world. As of January 2021, the organization was rebranded as InterCity Improv.

Troupe Collaborations

20 Minute Musical (ImprovBoston)

After Party

Anarchy: The Improvised Rock Opera

Bette MINtler


Bird and Friends



Cards of Destiny

Cat Couch

Cardio Spider


Cheesecake French Toast

ComedySportz Boston

ComedySportz Buffalo

ComedySportz Chicago (Online)

ComedySportz Las Vegas

ComedySportz Seattle

Confirmation of Receipt

Cosplay Improv Mashup Show w/ Brandon Green & Brent Mukai

Fabricated Egg

Famke Roumstead Is Hot

Fontaine Party w/ Courtney Fontaine

Four Average People

Four First Names

Forever Team

Furious Water

Going Steady w/ Matt Castellvi & Stacey Smith


Here! The Improvised Musical

Hot Mess! The Musical


Jackson Soup

Judgement City

Las Vegas Improvisation Players

League of Pointless Improvisers

LimboLand w/ T.J. Mannix

Linoleum City

Magic! The Gathering


Matt Geiler

Murder Fairy and Arson Leprachaun

Musicorn Sparklez

Next Generationgap

One Take

Park City Improv

Penny Arcade

Quick Wits

Rhyme and PunishMINT

Solitaire w/ Nick Condon

StaceJam w/ Stacey Smith

The A-Team

The Comedy Project

The Fishermen

The Mama's Papa

The Wild

The Yerks

Trudy Carmichael: The Improvised One Woman Her-story

Uncle Crimson

We Hot Bingo

Well Known Strangers

We, Robot w/ Bill Arnett & Christopher George



Ya Hussies

Your Life: The Musical


Festival Appearances

Wasatch Improv Festival, Midvale, UT 2020, 2022

Secret City Improv Festival, Oak Ridge, TN 2021

InterCity Improv Festival (Online) 2021

Palm Beach Improv Festival (Online) 2020

New York Musical Improv Festival 2020

Gatlinburg Improv Festival, Gatlinburg, TN 2020

Third Coast Improv Festival, Nashville, TN 2019

Kansas City Improv Festival 2018, 2019

ComedySportz National Championship, Philadelphia, PA 2019

Omaha Improv Festival 2019

Downtown Vegas Improv Festival 2018, 2019

Chicago Musical Improv Festival 2018

New England Musical Improv Experience (ImprovBoston) 2018

Performance Venues

American Repertory Theater, Buffalo, NY

Arcade Comedy Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

Art Square Theater/Vegas Theatre Company, Las Vegas, NV

Atlas Theater: Home of ComedySportz, Seattle, WA

Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

Historic Grove Theater, Oak Ridge, TN

ImprovBoston, Boston, MA

iO, Chicago, IL

Kick Comedy Theater, Kansas City, MO

Laugh Out Loud, Chicago, IL

Majestic Repertory Theatre, Las Vegas, NV

Midvale Performing Arts Center, Midvale, UT

Orpheum Theater, Twin Falls, ID

Rozzie Square Theater, Boston, MA

Show Creators Studios, Las Vegas, NV

Sweet Fannie Adams Theater, Gatlinburg, TN

The Annoyance Bar and Theater, Chicago, IL

The Arena: Home of ComedySportz, Buffalo, NY

The Backline, Omaha, NE

The Space, Las Vegas, NV

The Wilma Theater, Philadelphia, PA

Third Coast Comedy Club, Nashville, TN

Unexpected Productions, Seattle, WA

Vegas Theatre Hub, Las Vegas, NV

Workshop/Class Venues

Arcade Comedy Theater, Pittsburgh, PA

ComedySportz Boston

ComedySportz Buffalo

ComedySportz Las Vegas

Orpheum Theatre, Twin Falls, ID

Reno Improv

Second City Training Center, Toronto, ON

Theater Puget Sound, Seattle, WA

The Space, Las Vegas, NV

The Spot Improv, Las Vegas, NV

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Vegas Theatre Hub, Las Vegas, NV