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Most workshops can be catered to the needs of the organization requesting them. They are taught with the premise that anyone can sing, and the joy, trust, and vulnerably we find in normal improv are key to musical improv.

Riffing in Song (Both Ways) (Advanced)

Riffing is a tool we use all the time to help generate material, familiarity, and Game between improvisers, but it’s also a great way to set ourselves up for a song! We’ll combine riffing and song structure to show how the nature of both lends itself to great improvised songs and why we enjoy them.

Eurythmics, What Is This?!?

Ever feel like you’re not a musical person, or you simply can’t keep a beat? Put your body into it! Dalcroze Eurythmics uses improv elements such as social integration and spirit of play to train music students and professionals to become better musicians. We will explore how trusting ourselves and each other can help us interpret and express music, which we can in turn use in musical improv, and make every scene enjoyable.

Anyone Can Cook, Anyone Can Sing (Beginner)

For improvisers who never have sung before, or those who need a confidence boost, we explore the root of all singing and how singing is an extension of improv, in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. It will involve a little bit of movement, a little bit of clown, and a whole lot of joy. (CSz Buffalo Choice)

Singing in Song Structure (Beginner)

The core of musical improv; we learn the way we organize our intentions and feelings into a coherent and relatable packaging for our audience. We will explore how to get our team to sing the chorus together, how to break out of the form, and even plan for a dance break!

Rhyming for Dummies (Beginner)

Believe it or not, rhyming is not necessarily a component of singing; they are two separate neural processes that can come together to create memorable performances. We will learn how to isolate the two from each other, specifically explore how to use setup and payoff for yourself, or even setup a rhyme for another improviser. (Arcade Choice)

The Art Of Sing It, The Power Of Tagline (Advanced)

Intention and context are vital to improvised singing, so when someone tells you to just Sing It, what do you do? We explore singing on the spot using its short-form cousin Oscar/Tony Winning Moment, answering the question “Why are we singing?” This transfers into how choruses and tag lines, most importantly thematic ideas, help us get to the heart of the song. (CSz Buffalo Choice)

Musicals in a Nutshell (Advanced)

You love musical improv, so what do you do with it? We will identify the key parts of a 5-song long form musical, explore different types of song forms and types, and how you can perform an improvised musical based on your preferences. Workshop a new opening number, anticipate for that 11-o’clock showstopper, or even work in a dance break!

Voice Masterclass (Beginner/Advanced)

Learn about vocal production and vocal health. We will explore several warmups and exercises focused on tone, diction, and range. We will also practice singing for yourself and/or for an audience based on what you already know, either through karaoke or improvised song. (Arcade Choice)

MD-Friendly: Being Musical Together (Beginner/Advanced)

Learn the role of the musical director and how to treat them as part of the team! In this workshop, we will explore listening, genre, character, stage picture, song initiations and endings, MD-improviser communication, physicality, and overall musicality. This workshop is also good for anyone who is interested in becoming a musical director themselves, either on keyboard, guitar, percussion, iPad, or any instrument.

***SECRET*** Musical Director Seminar

If you are an MD, or your friend is an MD, or you and/or your friend wants to be an MD, or you want your friend to be an MD or your friend wants you to be an MD, this is for both of you. Even in bigger cities, there are not enough MDs to meet the demand from improvisers who want or need an MD, let alone if MDs are even available in their area. We need to support each other as much as we can. We will discuss underscore/song philosophy, improviser needs, working with other musicians, share playing styles, and even practice playing with improvisers (may not be included). Some piano/guitar experience is suggested but not required. The seminar is inspired by MD training with Stephanie McCullough, Dave Asher, and Mike Descoteaux.